MySmallHelp was born out of a strong desire to empower children with basic human rights and the opportunity to carve out a more sustainable future for themselves. The charity was set up in 2007 by a group of friends based in the UK and Nepal who believe that just as the ocean starts with a single drop of water, a big difference can be made in a child’s life if many people commit to dedicating a little time and effort.

In March 2008 MySmallHelp (MSH) became a registered NGO in Nepal. Now, MSH is also a registered NGO in Peru where underprivileged and disabled children are helped.

MySmallHelp Nepal offers a wealth of local knowledge and contacts and works primarily with volunteers who have the real interests of children close to their hearts.

MySmallHelp UK was set up as a trust to support the work carried out in Nepal; administrative costs are kept to a minimum ensuring that donations are used directly on projects to help underprivileged children.

This document is designed to give an overview of the charity’s achievements and progress from 2007 to 2017. It will offer insight into the activity, and outline the vision, hopes and dreams for now, and in the future.


MySmallHelp has a strong focus which includes the following aims

to relieve poverty among children; to provide educational resources (specifically for early years); to sponsor education (provision of books and uniform); to help fund building or renovation costs of schools and related buildings; to attract skilled and dedicated volunteers; to assist school leavers in finding employment, and to partner and support existing NGO’s that uphold similar values.


MSH believes that the best way to alleviate poverty among children is through the provision of sustainable education and training.

Many children who currently live in poverty are unable to go to school at all; this may be because parents can’t afford to send them, or because the parents need to send them to work to supplement the basic household income. MSH believes that extending a helping hand to these youngsters is a joint responsibility; for life to be in perfect balance those with surplus and sufficiency offer support to those who lack.

MSH will continue to provide support to orphaned children, and children from impoverished families who cannot fund school uniforms, stationery, and fees.

Whilst MSH believes that funding is one of the first required steps, it also strives to ensure that it does not create dependency. For this reason, MSH seeks to help school leavers source employment. We hope that through thinking Big and asking Small we can make a difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters. We believe that ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’

Core Values

Small Help

A little help from many can give children basic human rights


Trust and close partnership work is key Trust: Close working relationship with small ‘in country’ teams

Child Focus

The best interests of children always come first


Keep overheads low channeling maximum funds to child-focused work

MSH seeks to promote the basic rights of children including

  • Right to be protected from physical, mental and sexual abuse and exploitation

  • Right to a name and nationality from birth

  • Increased accessibility rights for children who are disabled

  • Right to education and opportunity

  • Right for basic health care



& Hope