It takes a different degree of courage to lose so much in life and still beam the brightest smile in the room, show gratitude and keep moving forward — at the Nepalese chapter of My Small Help, Bipana Thapa is one of the bravest one we know.

A dedicated student and wonderful human through and through, Bipana comes from a remote village in Lamjung. Born to a humble farmer and a housewife, she was denied the love form her parents at a young age as she and her brother lost both lost their parents to an illness.

Bipana’s uncle took care of her and did his best to raise them well. However, because of their financial status, he could not afford education for the youngsters. This is when we came in contact with the bright young woman.

Helping Bipana Grow

It was in 2012 that we came to know of Bipana and her family.

Our values insist that no child should be denied the right to education especially to financial and social circumstances. So, we quickly agreed to sponsor Bipana and her brother Saroj’s education in a local school.

Bipana made the best of the opportunity, but there was one little problem. After she passed the eighth grade, there was no school that offered higher education where she lived.

The team sat down and agreed that it would be best if we could get her to the capital where she could continue studying. Bipana’s personal values coincide with that of MSH in that education is the only path to crafting a successful future at every level.

A decade later, she has manifested that future for herself.

An Independent Young Woman

Bipana completed her School Leaving Certificate in 2015 after moving to the capital in 2014. She graduated high school two years later with First Division grades.

She had chosen Science as her stream in her high school years where she’d majored in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Coincidentally, the year that she graduated was our 10th anniversary and so all of our trustees from My Small Help UK had come to Nepal.

During one of her interactions with our long time trustees Alistair Williams and her wife Judith, Bipana brought up how she wanted to study Optometry and give back to the society. The generous couple was more than happy to be a part of her journey, and they agreed to support her college education in Banglore, India.

Ms. Thapa is a First Division graduate of Christian College and is a practicing Optometrist in Pushpagiri Eye Institute in Bangaluru, India. As of this writing, she is one year into a two-year USAID project that the eye institute is executing.

She has plans to get a Masters degree in her field and join her brother in Australia. What’s more, Bipana has shown willingness to support My Small Help in the days to come so that we could do our part in helping more children like herself.

Everyone here at My Small Help could not be prouder of Bipana, and wish her the best in life.

Namaste Everyone,

My name is Bipana Thapa, from Lamjung, Nepal. I have been with MSH Nepal since when I was in grade 9(2013). Now I have completed my B.Sc. Optometry from Bangalore, India, it was 4 years course including 1-year clinical internship at a hospital in Hyderabad. I learned a lot during this tenure and worked in the same hospital as Project Optometrist under USAID Project.

As education is the main key to success in life and that key has been given to me by the MSH Nepal team. All way possible because of MSH Nepal team’s support and encouragement, ofcourse my sponsor, my mentor my godparents, Dear Alistair and Judith Williams. I would like to express my genuine gratitude and sincere thanks to my mentor Dear Alistair and Judith. Without your support, my life would be different than it is today.

Recently I’m working at Eye Clinic as Optometrist in India and planning to come to Nepal soon. On the other hand, it was also possible because I used this opportunity correctly and I did hard work and I reached where I am today. Life has just begun and long way to go and learn a lot. Forever with MSH, Nepal

Thank you all for being there for me.