Name: Smriti
Age: 12

General Summery
Smriti is a sweet little girl of age 12. With excessive flow of blood, Smriti mother died just after 2 days giving birth. In just 3 days time, Smriti’s father’s sister, Ambika started taking care of Smriti. Smriti’s father disappeared after 2 years and do not know where he is now.

Ambika has 2 children of her own, one is 25 years daughter and another is 23 years son. Ambika’s father is working in Saudi Arabia as a construction works to feed the family. Ambika works as a cleaner in the school where Smriti is studying. She earn very small amount of money. Though Ambika’s husband does not stay home in Nepal much but he does not like adopting Smiriti and often tells Ambika to leave her to one of Smriti’s relatives. Smriti calls Ambika mother and wants to look after her until she is capable of doing something in life.

MSH Nepal has been sponsoring her since 2015 after we came to know about her critical situation. She is currently being sponsored £20 a month but as she is upgraded each year the education fee has gone up double the amount. She has another 4 years to complete her Higher Secondary Education. We would like to support till those years.

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