We’ve recently been busy creating a Blog section on our website with articles from Alistair Williams covering the story of our foundation as well as what we’ve achieved in construction.  You can find them here.  We hope you find these blogs interesting!

We’re also planning to post these quarterly updates to the same blog so we can spread the word about the work we’re doing more widely.

Thank you to all our donors and supporters for everything – you’re really making a difference as you’ll see in the latest news from our projects.  Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

With love from Nepal,
MySmallHelp Nepal Team

Child sponsorship

It’s coming towards the end of the school year in Nepal and we have 25 children working hard to complete their studies successfully.  Particular highlights in the last few months have been:

  • 2 children completed their 10th Grade and now in Higher Education
  • Children living at Marybert Children Home since past 8 years come from Chepang community doing extremely well in their studies.

Higher education

The 8 young people studying for higher level qualifications with sponsorship from MySmallHelp are an impressive bunch, always keen to learn and take the next step in their lives. We’re delighted to share some news about their progress:

  • 5 children have completed Higher Secondary Education.
  • Nabina who is currently doing Diploma in Civil Engineering is now in 2nd  Semester.
  • Manish who completed 10th Grade was also given Barista Training so that he can do some part time job. He has taken Management subject for Higher Secondary Education.
  • MySmallHelp UK Trustee Alistair Williams recently made a visit to Nepal and met some of the children.
  • 2 sponsors, Annette and Sylvia, from Germany visited Nepal to met their sponsored child.


Treatment of Ramesh Darji, physically disabled and suffers from Ichthyosis

Ramesh Darji, a child from rural Nepal, was physically disabled with his legs twisted around and also badly suffering from Ichthyosis. His leg and skin were operated back in 2016. His left leg still needed an operation to remove the steel rod. With the support from MySmallHelp, the rod was successfully removed.

Ramesh Darji with his father and MySmallHelp Nepal member

Completion of the development of Shree Jay Durge Dalit School (Birjung)

We are so pleased that this project was handed over to the local community on March 2023. Children have now started using classrooms. MySmallHelp Nepal made a recent visit with the government body, Social Welfare Council of Nepal for monitor and evaluation. They were extremely pleased with MySmallHelp for successfully completing the development of the building in a very remote area of Nepal which is closed to Indian border. MySmallHelp also distributed innovative foldable bag/table designed for children by Educase to all the children studying at the school.

Partnership with Marybert School

Our team in Nepal have recently joined the Management Committee of Marybert School in Lalitpur as part of a plan to develop a close partnership between the school and our charity.  This is an exciting development as, working with the school’s founder Sabina Thapa, we see an opportunity to accelerate all the important work that we’re known for in Nepal.  The starting point for this was to raise a fund to complete some urgent maintenance at the school, completing plumbing and painting initiatives as well as providing new furniture.

We hope that this work will enable the school to grow in the new school year ahead that begins in April 2024 and enable up to 15 more children to take advantage of a quality education.  The school currently has 84 children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 aged from 2 to 13. This year the school will even offer education to Grade 6 for the first time and gradually increase as the years go by.

Later in 2024, we hope to launch a further fundraising campaign for Marybert School.  It should be our most ambitious project to date and lay the foundations for another decade of service to the children and parents of Lalitpur and Kathmandu.