Shree Brahmayani School, Chatturali Village, Nuwakot

School Name: Brahamini School
Address: Chatturale, Ranipouwa, Nuakot, Nepal
Year: 2009

Project work
– Construction of two separate toilet blocks for boys and girls
– Provision of safe drinking water and storage tank for sanitation
– Provision of basic sports equipments
– Small renovation of classrooms


– A new separate toilet blocks for boys and girls have been built just below the classrooms. There is now a tap and running water and the toilets are new and clean.

– A new water tank has been installed that separates the village water supply from the school water supply. The new water tank is situated just above the school and is covered and locked. This tank supplies water to the school only and is not used for the rice fields and the village. The village and school now have a separate tank ensuring that the school has a constant water supply for the children to have clean drinking water available whenever they are thirsty.

– The school has few resources. There are hardly any books for the children to read and playing resources for the children to play with. MySmallHelp provided the school with some of these resources. The headmaster will explain to the children how to look after these resources so that they and the future students who come into the school can also benefit from them.

– The floors have been patched up and are now smooth and easier for the children and teachers to walk on.