The Bedroom Problem
Marybert Orphanage had a problem with lice and bugs in the bedrooms. The bedding had been in use for around 5 (five) years. Each iron bed has a ply-wood base supporting the mattress, which had become infested with wood lice and bed bugs. The children found it hard to rest, often waking in the night covered in potentially dangerous insect bites. Because they got so little rest, many found it hard to concentrate in class, which was detrimental to their education.


The Solution
We cleaned the two large bedrooms (Boys and Girls), the small bedroom, the store room and the dining hall thoroughly to minimize the danger of lice returning. Also we colored the ply wood base and all old bedding, including mattresses, sheets, pillows, and pillow cases, and we provided washable blankets for the approaching winter season. We also educated Marybert and the children on a new cleaning regime that will further reduce the risk of this issue arising again.



Girls Room

Boys Room