The biogas project lead by MSH member, Raju for installation at the Marybert School has been approved by Sabina Thapa the schools principal and MSH member. This will help the school minimize fuel costs making funds available for the children. The project will start when the funds are released.

Why is bio-gas so important for the school?
Marybert orphanage has 24 orphans living and studying at the moment. A significant amount of fuel (LGP gas or cooking gas) is used to prepare food everyday. Orphanage expenses are very high and therefore detrimental to educational funds. Once biogas is installed at the school, the gas produced can be stored and used as a fuel for cooking allowing more funds to be available purely for teaching all students. Nepals government encourages renewable energy projects and may also provide some of the materials which hopefully will lower investment costs as well as assisting MSH in managing the project.

Marybert Hotel
Address: Bafal, Lalitpur, Nepal
Year: 2009