Name: Arpana Chepang
Grade 1
9 years
Girl Child


General Summery

Arpana is quite, well behaved girl. After her mother got remarried to another person, Arpana was left with her two brothers, two sisters and father. Later, her father also got married to another woman. They have children too. Her father works as a coolie in village. So he can’t afford Arpana’s education. Arpana had to help her parents looking after her young brother and sisters in village. So she had a hard life. They live in a wooden house.

Her hobbies are dancing and singing. She wants to become a dancer. Her favourite food is noodles, momo.



Marybert School is the school with a vision to impart the quality education having English based liberal arts of education in the atmosphere committed to impacting spiritual life of child with the pure knowledge of modern education. It was established in 2002 A.D. by the committed and visionary group of people. It is an intensive English medium primary educational institution affiliated to Nepal government.

It is located at Satdobato, Ward No. 17 of Lalitpur sub-metropolis, one of the wonderful valley of Bagmati zone in Nepal. The school complex is situated in a still, tranquil, population free link

The sense of establishing the school is meant by imparting a quality education with a sound base of English as well as Nepalese languages. The school places final authority with the character and looks for guidance in the overall development of every child with a motto of every child is precious.

School currently has around 120 children from various backgrounds specially the children without parents and the children with poor living standards whose parents works as laborer in carpet factories, constructions sites. Some of them are even under priviledge of basic needs. School admit them with very less cost or even with no cost and adjust with the overall income from other paying children.

From the beginning, school is making arrangements to live and have education for those who are in need prioritizing the children from deprived families.


We want to help and reach out to helpless and needy children with love and support to be the better person . Mainly the children from rural areas and tribal groups like Chepang are being getting education in our school . We are serving the children who are abandoned, having dysfunctional families, victims of family violence, extreme poverty, orphans since 15 years making sure of their safety, helping them with their holistic development and overall the love and care they deserve. Mostly the children belong to the socially deprived family where the education is the least of their preference.

Hence we are seeking for the people with the heart to help these children with their education.

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