The new building of Shree Bijaya Basic School fundraised by Esland and the Stamp Family in aid of My Small Help.
Built-in a joint venture between The Pahar Trust Nepal and community people of Bijayapur (Dihi, Parchthar, Mauja) and local government of Pokhara MetropolitanCity, Ward No. 13, Kaski District Nepal.
Opened by
The Stamp Family
Bijaya Basic School is a government-run school in Pokhara, Kaski which is about 220 km from Kathmandu. The school lacked the building needed for kindergarten children. With the support from My Small Help, Nepal, Esland Group from UK raised fund for the building. Pahar Trust Nepal, an organization who builds school in rural parts of Nepal, supported in building the school block of 3 rooms for the children. The building was inaugurated on 1st April 2019.
After having the building, the school needed school materials for the children to learn, play and engage. The fund from Caroline Heaton, Teacher Horizon was a big support for the school. With the fund, the school managed to buy almost all the much needed materials. These materials will play a big role in enhancing the way of teaching and children will learn in a practical way. This completes the whole school project at Bijaya Basic School.
We would like to thank Caroline Heaton and Teacher Horizon for their contribution in supporting children of Nepal.