Marybert School/Orphanage
Marybert School is located in the Lalitpur District. There are 8 classes providing education for children aged 2-12 yrs. Children are from poor family backgrounds, and other Orphanages. The ground floor of the building houses an Orphanage, upstairs is the School, and the children have a safe playground for recess. Marybert School welcomes volunteers from different countries to help support the children's education.
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MySmall Help Nepal is looking for volunteers
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Sponsor a child
From just 10 pounds a month for a part sponsorship. We are currently looking for sponsors for children in Nepal.
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Bhattedanda School
Bhattedanda is situated in one of the most remote, hilly areas of Lalitpur District, and access is very difficult due to rough terrain of the roads. The school is situated in the centre of the villagers'' houses, and without this school the children from the surrounding area would have to walk another two hours to get to and from a different school.
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Nepal is positioned between the two major countries of China and India. Landlocked on all sides and under the gaze of the himalayan mountain range. It boasts 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world including the largest of all, Mount Everest. Nepal has a total population of around 30 million, primarily given up to farming with very little industrial or technology advancement. Infrastructure is poor, healthcare and education is extremely rudimentary, half of the population live below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.

The people are wonderfully warm, proud, welcoming and family orientated. Nepal also boasts the world renown Gurkha regiment and some of the best mountain guides the world.

Illiteracy rates are extremely high, 54% across the population, unfortunately the women do not fare as well as the men and their illiteracy rate is much higher- 72% of the women are not able to read and write.


UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
Peru Registered Charity No. 20490472313

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