Chepang shelter project, Lamjung

The Chepang community is a nomadic group amongst the poorest in society. Historically they have been nomadic but in more recent years they have been encouraged to settle into small communities and live a more sedentary lifestyle.  In April MSH agreed to construct 3 family shelters for the poorest members of the community. Land has been secured and materials have been purchased to begin the construction process.

So far, all the required materials for the foundation work are delivered to the site. Old huts are demolished and foundation and construction of wall has started. All labor is contributed by the community beside a day meal.




Support to Marybert Orphanage through the Improvement of Existing School- Marybert School, Nepal – Project


Refurbishment of Marybert Orphanage
Marybert School & Orphanage was started in 2002 with the motto of providing education to children who are poor, deprived, abandoned or orphaned. This year we undertook a refurbishment project to improve conditions at the Orphanage.

Key areas of focus were to;

  • Improve the physical infrastructure and facilities of school.
  • Paint  & repair whole building.
  • Furnish with carpet in 8 classrooms, 1 Montessori room, 1 play station
  • Furnish with cupboards, low tables, white boards, 2 blue boards in 3 classrooms
  • Furnish with white boards and 2 blue boards in remaining 5 classrooms
  • Construct an Accounts & Reception room
  • Install power backup facilities
  • Install 3 branded computers for the school
  • Printed promotional materials to attract paying students
  • Conducted a teacher training workshop
  • Design and launch School website
  • Refurbish bedrooms & bedding materials (3 dormitories)
  • Launched website





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UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
Peru Registered Charity No. 20490472313

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