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There have been many success stories in our work since 2007 that we are very proud of.  Here we name a few, but if you would like to know of more, please feel free to contact us.

Chepang shelter project, Lamjung (2014)

The Chepang community is a nomadic group amongst the poorest in society. Historically they have been nomadic but in more recent years they have been encouraged to settle into small communities and live a more sedentary lifestyle.  In April MSH agreed to construct 3 family shelters for the poorest members of the community. Land has been secured and materials have been purchased to begin the construction process.

So far, all the required materials for the foundation work are delivered to the site. Old huts are demolished and foundation and construction of wall has started. All labor is contributed by the community beside a day meal.




Support to Marybert Orphanage through the Improvement of Existing School- Marybert School, Nepal – Project (2014)

Refurbishment of Marybert Orphanage
Marybert School & Orphanage was started in 2002 with the motto of providing education to children who are poor, deprived, abandoned or orphaned. This year we undertook a refurbishment project to improve conditions at the Orphanage.

Key areas of focus were to;

  • Improve the physical infrastructure and facilities of school.
  • Paint  & repair whole building.
  • Furnish with carpet in 8 classrooms, 1 Montessori room, 1 play station
  • Furnish with cupboards, low tables, white boards, 2 blue boards in 3 classrooms
  • Furnish with white boards and 2 blue boards in remaining 5 classrooms
  • Construct an Accounts & Reception room
  • Install power backup facilities
  • Install 3 branded computers for the school
  • Printed promotional materials to attract paying students
  • Conducted a teacher training workshop
  • Design and launch School website
  • Refurbish bedrooms & bedding materials (3 dormitories)
  • Launched website





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Renovation of Sub-Health Post in Bahrabise, Sindupalchok (2013)

Bahrabise sub-health post at Bahrabise, Palante, Sindhupalchowk run by the government of Nepal was in the state of mess without any medical equipment to facilitate patients. On several visits to Dhrumthali where MySmallHelp supported to build a school for community it was identified that the nearby village was in a severe need of medical outpost to support the poor villagers. On an inspection it was found in a miserable state and request was sent to trustee where we agreed to support the outpost with much needed medical material along with whole set of birthing equipment to help new mothers.





We did complete whole project 3 phases.

Phase I
In this phase we supported to correct the building strength by repairing much needed internal cement plastering work along with outer paint coating on whole block.

Phase II
Provided complete set of birthing material recommended by the Government of Nepal. All these equipments help the outpost management to give secure birthing to poor residents who coud not afford to get into city hospitals.

Phase III
Delivered with all medical equipment requested along with needed furnitures and other non medical equipment. All materials delivered by this phase to wrap up whole project is in the table below:

S. No.




Electric Autoclave Machine



Dressing Table



Delivery Bed



Oxygen Machine



Succession Machine



Nebuliser Machine



Delivery Kit Box



Dispensary Cupboard(steel)



Suture set



EMT set



Foreign Body remover set



Dressing set









Office Table



Repair, Maintenance & paint



Monitoring & Supervision



Birthing Centre



School Building (2012)

In February 2012, MySmallHelp’s trustee Lee Forsyth visited the team in Nepal to undertake a site review and to inaugurate the newly built Shree Mangaladevi Janajagrati School.  Lee has worked very hard in England to raise funds to build this school to help the development of the surrounding community.  He was accompanied on his trip by 14-year old daughter Charlotte who was very impressed with the whole operation.

Lee and Charlotte also had the pleasure of meeting the children at the Marybert Orphanage where they distributed gifts of clothes, books, and stationery, as well as three full sets of sports equipment and laminated educational cards. The sports and educational packs were bought from the Christmas donation kindly supplied by Alacra. The day was rounded off with a party held by the children and plenty of singing and dancing. Lee reported that the children there are ‘an absolute privilege to work with, polite, courteous, gregarious, full of life with a huge appetite for fun and a huge credit to their country!’ My Small Help, Nepal Newsletter January – February 2012

Over the course of the next few days Lee travelled across the country visiting the children who are sponsored by MSH to check on their progress, distribute gifts and to assess their future needs. He visited Dhrumthali, Sindupalchok to inaugurate the newly constructed school building Shree Mangaladevi Janajagrati School. He raised the entire fund by organising an event in his country. He was very much happy with the outcome and delighted to see smiles on children faces. In the celebrations that followed he was treated to dancing and singing by a family of Sherpas in full regalia, and dancing and drumming by the children.After a very busy and exhausting visit Lee happily concluded that the MSH team were extremely professional and committed to the organisation, and was ‘pleased to report to the sponsors that we have a team to be proud of!’

 Blood Donation (2012)

Research shows Nepal is running with app. 500-600 pints of blood per day, but requires 1,000 pints.

MySmallHelp ran its first Blood Donation Camp in 2010 at the Quest International College, Lalitpur, in conjunction with the Nepal Red Cross Society.  44 students and friends of MSH donated much needed blood to fill the gap in Nepal’s donation supply.

In the second Blood Donation Campaign MySmallHelp helped recruit over 50 students to give blood, and for the third time 43 pints of blood were collected.  We're very pleased with the success of the blood donations.   The students who get involved enjoy contributing to support their community, and MySmallHelp plan to continue with these schemes off the back of this success.

Toilet Blocks, Water tank, Floor (2010)

 Chaturali, Nuwakot District, Nepal

Brahmayani School is situated 3 hours (around 36 km) in Chatturali northwest of Kathmandu.  There is a road to Ranipauwa, the town above Chatturali and then a track that is accessible by motorbike and on foot, but not by larger transport, to the school. Chatturali is a small village located almost at the foot of a steep valley where the villagers walk up from the village to the town and down again each day for daily supplies. Children come from nearly an hour away to go to the school.

MSH Nepal first became aware of Brahmayani School through a MSH member who was approached by someone from Chatturali village in February 2009. They felt the school needed help as it was ill-attended and not in good repair. Shree Brahmayani School is a government school, however, government funding offers very little in comparison to what the school actually needs.  The people requested MSH for further project work to be undertaken.

Project work

  • Construction of two separate toilet blocks for boys and girls
  • Provision of safe drinking water and storage tank for sanitation
  • Small renovation of classrooms


A new separate toilet blocks for boys and girls have been built just below the classrooms. There is now a tap and running water and the toilets are new and clean.

·      A new water tank has been installed that separates the village water supply from the school water supply. We placed the new water tank above the school, and covered and locked it for protection. This tank supplies water to the school only and is not used for the rice fields and the village. The village and school now have a separate tank ensuring that the school has a constant water supply for the children to have clean drinking water available whenever they are thirsty.

·     The floors have been patched up and are now smooth and easier for the children and teachers to walk on.  This much improves the safety of the learning environment for these children.

·     The toilets are maintained by the school, and the teachers have taught the children to wash their hands with soap after using the toilet to increase cleanliness within the school.


Cloths Collection for Terai Region (2010)

The Terai region of Nepal suffers from very cold winters, and the local community are from poor backgrounds.  Not many o the people can afford to buy warm clothes for their family to get through the winter.  So, the MySmallHelp team, along with one of the local groups of Gwarko, held a clothes donation campaign to help those suffering from the cold weather in the Terai Region

We worked incredibly hard to raise awareness and had a huge reaction from the local community donating truck loads of clothes.  We had the rather unenviable job of sorting out the clothes according to gender and size so that they could be distributed easily to the respective groups in the affected area.

The MySmallHelp team would like to thank Mr Prabin Man Shrestha, a member of MySmallHelp’s mother group, as well as members of the Gwarko Development Committee, for running the campaign so successfully. The clothes collected were distributed by members of the Gwarko Development Committee. MySmallHelp hopes that this small effort will help the people living in Terai to protect themselves during the cold season, and hopefully many more to come. It is estimated that the collected clothes will benefit more than 500 families in Terai!



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