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School Uniform (2009)

Eilidh Canney from UK arrived in Nepal in mid November 2008.  Before her arrival in Nepal she had raised £270 in UK for MSH which was used to provide school uniforms and jumpers to 44 children in Bhattedanda School.  Before this, the families of the children attending the school did not have the finances to provide their children with school uniforms.  This input influenced the whole community in seeing more value in sending their children to the school to receive an education


MSH donated new blackboards to the school as the ones that were in use were very old and the children found it difficult to even read what was written on them by the teachers.  This change has helped to improve the children in the community to read and write.

School bags

The school and the villagers are very poor.  They can hardly afford to send their children to Bhattedanda School, which is a free school!  The reason is that the villagers could not afford to buy school bags for their children.  Because of not having a bag, children kept losing their school books. Now, school bags have been provided to the children to carry their books instead of carrying them in their hands, which has stopped them from losing their books, and helped them in their studies

Sports equipments

Previously, the school completely lacked sports equipment.  MSH donations have meant that now the children and school have got some sports equipments such as: Badminton, Skipping ropes, a Ludo board game, Chess, and Football. Because of this equipment, the school has added a separate period for sports at school.  The children now love coming to school more than ever with this extras fun to be had at school.

School Sweaters

MSH partnered with a local business to buy school sweaters for the children of Bhattedanda School.  During the winter months, the children had been too cold to study properly, but now they can stay warm, and stay at school!

Donation of new computer set and printer

MSH partnered with "Today's Youth" to organize a 5-a-side football competition, and a musical event and raised £400 to help Bhattedanda School.  The money was used to buy a computer and printer.  This is giving the children a chance to learn in a ore  interactive way than ever before.  The school's staff can now print documents (such as exam papers) by themselves, rather than having to do a 4 hour round trip as previously they had to do.




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Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
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