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Refurbishment of Marybert Orphanage
Marybert School & Orphanage was started in 2002 with the motto of providing education to children who are poor, deprived, abandoned or orphaned. This year we undertook a refurbishment project to improve conditions at the Orphanage.

Key areas of focus were to;

  • Improve the physical infrastructure and facilities of school.
  • Paint  & repair whole building.
  • Furnish with carpet in 8 classrooms, 1 Montessori room, 1 play station
  • Furnish with cupboards, low tables, white boards, 2 blue boards in 3 classrooms
  • Furnish with white boards and 2 blue boards in remaining 5 classrooms
  • Construct an Accounts & Reception room
  • Install power backup facilities
  • Install 3 branded computers for the school
  • Printed promotional materials to attract paying students
  • Conducted a teacher training workshop
  • Design and launch School website
  • Refurbish bedrooms & bedding materials (3 dormitories)
  • Created website

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UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
Peru Registered Charity No. 20490472313

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