Marybert School/Orphanage

Success Stories

The Bedroom Problem for 24 orphans - The iron beds have a ply wood base supporting the mattress, which have become infested with wood lice and bed bugs. The children find it hard to rest, often waking in the night covered in potentially dangerous insect bites. Because they get so little rest, many find it hard to concentrate in class, which is detrimental to their education.

We will clean the two bedrooms and the dining hall thoroughly to exterminate the lice and bugs.  Also we will replace the ply wood base and all old bedding, including mattresses, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and provide washable blankets for the approaching winter season.  We also aim to educate Marybert and the children on a new cleaning regime that will further reduce the risk of this issue arising again.

College Girls - We are proud to announce Anita, Anjali, Kalpana, and Jyoti will all be attending higher education in college this year.  Sponsorship through MSH has provided these girls with the opportunity to attend education, and achieve qualifications to help them find work in the future.

Water Filtration System – Being in Kathmandu, the water that comes through the tap naturally is not clean.  MSH integrated a water filtration system to give children clean water to keep them healthy and free from disease.

Bio-Gas System – The cost of cooking with LPG gas is high in Nepal, so MSH visualized a sustainable solution.  The Bio-Gas is produced from the kitchen waste, and the human waste to provide the Orphanage with a means of cooking meals every morning and evening.

Iron Beds – Marybert had wooden beds, but these became infected with lice.   MSH replaced them all with iron beds with a helpful contribution from Knightsbridge School UK.

Playround – This space was dangerous for the children, but with a generous donation from one of our sponsors we were able to re-surface the playround.  Now the children have a safe place to run and play

Office Equipment – Marybert previously had a very old computer which was insufficient to properly manage the school and provide the correct educational provisions for the children.  MSH donated a new computer, scanner and printer which are all still in regular use



UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
Peru Registered Charity No. 20490472313

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