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Information for Volunteers- Nepal

Selection of Volunteers
We ask for details of which position you are interested in, the length of time and when you wish to volunteer and a description of why you want to be involved with the charity, along with a copy of your CV and two references. You will then be asked to attend an interview in the UK (or a skype interview if travel to the location is not possible) before being confirmed as a volunteer.

Health and Safety
We take the health and safety of our volunteers seriously and will do everything we can to make sure that you stay safe. However, we cannot be held responsible if anything does go wrong, and therefore we will ask you to sign a form before you come stating that MySmallHelp is not responsible.

MySmallHelp Nepal is currently setting up a Volunteer House. This will be able to accommodate a maximum of four people at a cost of NRS400 per night in a shared room, or NRS600 for single occupancy. The room will have two bunkbeds and a shared bathroom and have basic cooking facilities. All costs for accommodation will go directly to the charity.

Until this room is established we are able to offer the following accommodation options:

• Room in the house of the Marybert School Headmistress
- Single occupancy room with shared bathroom
- Breakfast and dinner at the orphanage included
- 10 minute walk to the MSH Office and 20 second walk to the School and Orphanage
- Occupants must respect the rules and curfew of the house
- Cost NRS800 per night (NRS300 of which going to the charity)

• Room in guest house at your arrangement
- There are many guest houses in Thamel if you prefer to live in a more lively part of Kathmandu
- We recommend Thorong Peak Guest House (www.thorongpeak.com)
- Thamel is approximately a 30 minute journey from the Marybert School and the MSH Office
- Cost will be based upon the room and guest house you choose, and this option will not contribute any money to the charity

Travel and Airport Pick-Up
All airfare to/from your home country to Kathmandu at the beginning and end of your placement is your own responsibility.
Upon receipt of your flight details, we will be able to arrange for someone to meet you at the airport and transport you to your accommodation in Kathmandu. All costs incurred for airport transfer will be covered by the volunteer.

Briefing and Orientation
You will have a day or two at the beginning of your placement to rest and recover from jetlag and a staff member will help you get your bearings around Kathmandu and give you an introduction to Nepali culture.

Donations and Fundraising
We are extremely pleased to received donations from volunteers and would be very grateful if you could organise some fundraising before you arrive in Nepal.

Tips for Volunteers in Kathmandu
• Don’t bring many white clothes – Kathmandu is a very dirty city and white clothes will look very grubby after one day’s wear.
• Bring some small gifts for the children in the schools and orphanage – toys, games, things for teenage girls etc will go down especially well.
• Bring an unlocked mobile phone with you to put in a Nepali sim card for easy contact when in Nepal.
• Washing can be done very cheaply in Thamel so don’t worry about bringing loads of clothes.
• Insect repellent is essential!
• You can’t buy Nepali rupees before you enter the country but bring a supply of cash (UK or US) and you will be able to change it easily at the airport arrivals lounge and in the city.


UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562
Peru Registered Charity No. 20490472313

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